Altar Burnt Offerings
Altar Burnt Offerings
Golden Candlestick
Golden Candlestick
Table of Shewbread
Table of Shewbread
Altar of Incense
Table of Shewbread
Ark of the Covenant
Ark of the Covenant

The tabernacle is an archetype of our journey from a lost and fallen state, towards the source of purpose and perfection. Every waking moment you and I are choosing things we believe will make us happier than we were before. Sometimes those choices improve the condition of our life. More often, however, they do not. Thinking about the ancient temple in the way described at this site has blessed my life. It has helped me in my journey towards purpose and overcoming personal weakness.

It is 8:00pm on a Friday night. Your plans for an evening out with a friend were canceled. What are your options? You could read that book you have been meaning to get to. Netflix just added a movie you have wanted to see. A day or two ago you were thinking about a loved one in your life that is going through some serious challenges. Perhaps you could call them to see how things are going.

What are the consequences of each choice?

The Movie

We don’t often consciously think in these terms for such a seemingly inconsequential decision. The most comfortable choice for many people would be to watch the movie. You will be entertained, you will kill two hours, and then it will be time for bed. The only people who benefited from your choice is you and the person receiving royalties. Unless the movie is deeply profound, you will probably have no future beneficial consequence from the time you spent.

The Book

Instead of the movie, you grab the book and head on over to the couch. Your imagination becomes illuminated with the turn of each page! Two hours pass. The book is placed on the coffee table with the anticipation of continuing the story after a good nights rest. The decision to use the two hours for reading lead to a desire to use time in the future to continue the journey. When the next evening arrives, you have already made a decision about what you are going to do. You have the option to watch Netflix, but the story in the book is calling to you. Two hours in one evening turned into ten hours over the next several days.

The Phone Call

“Hello?” The voice speaks through the phone. “Thank you for calling me! I have been thinking about you…”. As the hours’ pass, you have reconnected with your loved one. During the conversation, you realized just how much they needed to talk with you. As they expressed their struggle, the empathy and love between you grew. They needed to hear from you; they needed someone to listen. You didn’t realize it at the time, but your conversation helped them work through their struggles. Because of your discussion, they were able to remember what to focus on, and progress in their journey. Those two hours enriched you, and they improved the life of another person.

Lost Time

Each day we choose things that we believe will benefit ourselves or others. Each one of us has a motive behind the choices we make. Some people’s motives lead them down a path eventually leads to loneliness and spiritual hunger. Consider the young man who spent his late teens and early twenties playing video games day after day. Each moment he played the game seemed enthralling. Years later, when he looks at the consequence of these daily choices over a decade, he realizes he has nothing to show for it.

Or consider the young woman who spent nearly all her time on social media. She always turned her thoughts toward others. Though, not in a way that would benefit them. Instead, she was continually thinking about what other people were doing, and how perfect their lives seemed. As the years passed this nourishment from social media which satisfied her desires at the time, left her spiritually malnourished and unfulfilled. She traded so much of her time towards something with no lasting benefit.

The Tabernacle

At this point, you are probably thinking, what does this have to do with the ancient tabernacle from the Old Testament? My answer: Everything! The tabernacle is an archetype of what we all truly desire: purpose and progression. The ancient temple is an example of the only destination that provides lasting opportunities to obtain both. It gives a visual example of our journey from where we are now, to where we would like to be. The tabernacle is a declaration to the world that true purpose and true progression are found within its walls and nowhere else.

The tabernacle is an invitation to invest your time, talents, and all that you possess, to something greater than yourself. In exchange for your investment, you are promised temporal, spiritual, and eternal returns. If you choose to invest elsewhere, there may be some temporal and spiritual returns in varying degrees. No one else, however, provides or even promises eternal returns on your investment.


I invite you to invest your time in learning about the archetype of the ancient tabernacle. My investment in this study has rewarded me with the following:

  • Knowledge of my life’s purpose.
  • Understanding or confirmation from our Heavenly Father of my life’s purpose.
  • A drive to progress from my weaknesses and shortcomings towards the example of my Master.
  • A desire to continually build the bond of love and affection between my wife and me.
  • A hunger to see my children obtain real and lasting happiness in this life and the next.
  • A drive to help the people I associate with in my life obtain real and lasting happiness in this life and the next.
  • A desire to use my time, talents, and possessions towards something greater than myself.
  • A willingness to remove bad habits in my life and replace them with fruitful habits.

May you be blessed in your own journey.

With love and a desire to see you obtain that which your hear desire,